I'm Michael Bright
Frontend Web 2&3 Developer
From Spain
About Me
Coding Is My Passion

Hi there! Welcome to my personal portfolio page. I'm a frontend developer from Almassora, a small city in the mediteranian region in Spain. I'm pasionate about learning and i'm paticularly interested in emerging technologies with the potencial to revolutionalize the world. I can speak over 5 languages and I have a wide variety of experience that I can easily apply to any project I work on to make the experience richer.

My Skills
Some of my skills

Over the last years i have been acquiring skills that will allow me make the digital world a better and more effective place for all. Some of the skills i've acquired related to frontend web development are:

Years Of
Graphic Design
Social Media Strategist
My Services
Web Development

I develope simple websites that work. I focus on funtionality and user experience to ensure best results.

Graphic Design

I will design your website and social media profiles to be faithful to your brand identity and ensure easy and pleasant recognition of your brand across the internet.

Digital Marketing

I will help you position your website in the firstpage of search engines and help your ideal customers find your business across social media platforms.

My Projects

10xR specializes in digitizing businesses by offering branding, automation services, and content creation

Domoto is a company that specializes in home renovation and installation of smart appliances in your home

CuteFit Shop is an e-commerce fashion brand that sells casual outfits and accessories for young women

Archarhat is a platform that creates and curates content that helps fill information gaps and ease everyday life

Archarhat Shop is the e-commerce website of Archarhat where the merchandize and services of Archarhat are sold

Indelphy is a photo gallery website. Indelphy offers photography and videography services

Contact Me
Have Any Projects?

If you want a personal page, a simple landing page for your business, a platform your customers can interact with, create online presence for your business or build and online business from scratch, i can help you!